Dismissal Policy

In order to protect your time with your provider, we ask that you be prompt for your appointment. We want to allow plenty of time to ensure all paperwork, health concerns, and questions are addressed so we can provide optimal care. Please see our Late Policy below for additional details. A pattern of noncompliance with our late policy could result in dismissal.

We also ask that you show our staff the same respect that we pledge to show you. In the event there is a disagreement, we commit to work through our differences in a professional manner and we insist on the same from our patients. Aggressive or disrespectful behavior could result in dismissal.

We also ask that you participate actively by contributing to your care. It is not a productive use of your time or our time if we are not going to make defined progress in your health. If we find that to be the case, it only makes sense to part ways.

Your contract with your insurance company establishes what we get paid for services and how much of that payment is your responsibility. Please understand that we have no control over this arrangement. Failure to promptly pay or arrange for a payment plan could result in dismissal.

Late Policy

New Patients
If you are new to our practice, please arrive 30 minutes prior to your first scheduled appointment in order to process new patient forms, check insurance coverage, and answer any questions you may have.

If you are going to be late, please call our office and let us know. Depending on that day’s schedule, we may be able to proceed with your appointment when you arrive. If our schedule cannot be adjusted, we will reschedule your appointment for another time or day that is convenient for you.

The purpose of our policy is to ensure that you have adequate time with your provider and that those who are on time are not inconvenienced.

Medication Refill Policy

It is our intent that you have sufficient refills to get to your next appointment. In the event that we make a mistake or that your appointment must be rescheduled, we will ensure that you have adequate refills. Please do not request refills through your pharmacy - they are often not aware of dose changes which can result in medication errors. Instead, please request refills using the Patient Portal as this is the quickest way for us to address these issues.

Please note: Phone messages can take up to 5 business days to process. Before requesting a refill, please call or visit your pharmacy and do not rely on automated or computer generated notifications as refills are often assigned a new prescription number.

Surgery Clearances

We do NOT provide clearance for elective surgeries. We can provide your surgeon and/or anesthesiologist with information regarding your medical history but they are responsible for discussing risks and benefits, and deciding whether or not to proceed with any planned procedure.

AHSAA Sports Physicals

Most insurances cover an annual wellness visit. As a courtesy, we will update Sports Physicals at that visit. If you do not have your form for this service, we can update it later but you may incur an additional fee. You can find a copy of the form on the AHSAA website. Please bring a copy of this form to your appointment.

Medicare Wellness Exams

If you are a Medicare beneficiary, Medicare penalizes Integrity Family Care if you do not get a Medicare Wellness Exam annually. Medicare will pay for only one Wellness Exam annually. If you are unsure when you had your most recent wellness exam, please call Medicare to verify if/when you are eligible.

The Medicare Wellness Exam is a different type of visit that is clearly defined by Medicare. If we address specific health problems or acute illness, it becomes a different type of visit. Sometimes, these visits can happen together but there is often an additional cost. Please understand that we have no control over the rules that Medicare imposes.

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