Integrity Family Care is a provider-owned, private primary care practice. Although we have favorable working relationships with our local hospital systems, we are not owned or controlled by either. This independence allows your provider to make decisions regarding your care and customer service that could otherwise be dictated by an employer.

We have a mix of physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners on our staff who have expertise in family medicine, emergency medicine, and head and neck surgery. We accept patients twelve years of age and older.

Our Philosophy

To be the best at helping our patients live healthy lives!

Prevention is at the heart of our services: we believe in providing our patients with proactive guidance to achieve a healthy balance in their lives including the common sense approach to nutrition, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle.

Integrity Family Care offers a full range of medical care amidst a respectful environment, with a full team of healthcare professionals to assist you in your journey of health.

Care Team Approach

At Integrity Family Care, we recognize that our healthcare system has undergone significant changes in recent years. Some of these changes have resulted in added regulatory requirements and administrative burdens for providers, which makes access to your physicians more challenging.

We also understand that protecting our providers’ work/life balance ensures they have the energy and enthusiasm to care for you when you need them most. To accomplish this, we have created a Care Team Model that allows our Advanced Practice Providers (APPs) – Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants – to see you for routine care. This frees your physician to be available for more complex situations, eliminating the need for most urgent care or emergency room visits.

We believe the relationships you form with both your physician and your APP will give you not just better healthcare, but a better healthcare experience.

Our commitment to you

  • We are passionate about superior customer service.
  • We are committed to continuous improvement and are not content with the status quo.
  • We require respect and strive to create a fun, best-in-class healthcare environment.
  • We engage in open and honest communication in all of our interactions.

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Not just better healthcare,
but a better healthcare experience.

Integrity Family Care, Medical Doctor, Madison, AL