Available at no cost to you

The Integrity VIP Advantage

Every patient deserves to be treated like a Very Important Patient (VIP)
Integrity Family Care is not an urgent care or emergency care facility and we encourage developing a long-term relationship. Our appointment-based facility depends on our patients' success, rather than relying on over-crowded waiting rooms and unnecessary service billings.

We respect your time more than ours while you're with us. But because we respect your healthcare more, our work on your behalf continues long after your appointment, following up on labs, providing e-mail and online support, teaching wellness classes, and guiding you toward better health.
  • After-hour Access to our Providers (post-treatment questions or issues, treatment for a family member likely sick with the same illness you were recently treated for by our Providers) using our HIPAA-compliant Patient Portal
  • Non-emergency medical issues
  • Medical Care while you are traveling
  • Prescription or refills
  • Wellness Coach

Available at no cost to you

We only ask that you provide us with a few signatures (required by medical and HIPAA Privacy regulations), use our patient portal whenever possible, show up for your appointment unless cancelled, and keep an active credit card on file (co-pay, etc).

The Integrity VIP Advantage Requirements

  • Register and verify a personal
    Integrity Customer Communication Portal account.
  • Provide & maintain an active credit card on file.
  • Sign the Integrity Family Care Patient-Centered Medical Home Designation Acknowledgement and Opt-In form; this allows us to contact you using txt/SMS messages, email, and phone calls.
  • Sign the Integrity Family Care Missed Appointment Fee Acknowledgement Policy. While we hope to never charge you for missing an appointment, we reserve the right to do so for repeated violations. We respect your time, making sure to see you at the appointed time, and want to you to be treated and released within an hour. Plus, we make it easy to cancel using txt messages or our Patient Portal.
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Not just better healthcare,
but a better healthcare experience.